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The DeFis Yearn (DSY) public chain is about to launch. Another blockchain world’s myth is about to be born!

The DeFis Yearn (DSY) public chain is about to launch. Another blockchain world’s myth is about to be born!
1. What is DeFis Yearn (DSY)?
According to the official introduction, DSY is based on the Ethereum (ETH, Ethereum) developed by Vitalik Buterin. It has improved and added DPoS master node network, side chain network, anonymous transaction, DeFi efficiency performance optimization and added POC as a block Encrypted digital currency with multiple new functions such as chain data storage.
The goal of DeFis Yearn is to build a world-type distributed computer system developed and governed spontaneously by the community. Following this vision, our platform will allow the creation of blockchain applications to be given the possibility of keeping application data private. This will be possible through a series of "zero-knowledge" encryption tools, which will become possible to be made usable. Combining revolutionary technology, DSY integrates three functions that operate independently in the traditional sense. They are: transaction, communication and competitive governance to accelerate innovation. With the help of blockchain technology and computing infrastructure technology that can be distributed across the world, this innovation process can be carried out in a safe and anonymous manner. The system integrates a number of first-class technologies and provides an open platform for innovative development that is not restricted by permissions and can flexibly adapt to user preferences.
2. What pain points does DeFis Yearn (DSY) solve?
Putting DeFis Yearn (DSY) on the mainstream public chains in the blockchain world, DeFis Yearn is undoubtedly the most avant-garde and has great explosive potential. This is embodied in that DeFis Yearn has broken through the bottleneck of the current public chain in many aspects. . From the perspective of the functional properties of currencies, the anonymous transfer technology created by DeFis Yearn has well complemented the privacy flaws of most digital currencies on the market. Secondly, from the perspective of the design of the public chain consensus mechanism, DSY adopts the POW+DPOS+POC fusion consensus mechanism. First of all, the POW mechanism is similar to the current mainstream currencies BTC, ETH, etc., which are intended to be protected and guaranteed by computing power Digital currency has a good and fair distribution mechanism, and the POW currency distribution mechanism is still the most scientific at present.
However, the POW mechanism has a huge disadvantage, that is, each transfer requires more nodes to confirm, which leads to the problem of slow transfer speed of the POW mechanism digital currency. In the long run, the number of users of digital currency is gradually increasing over time, and digital currency with a pure POW mechanism will eventually be unable to carry the increasing number of users in the later stage. Bitcoin in 2017 and Ethereum today are both encountering This kind of crisis, as a currency digital currency, the core value of its currency is gradually collapsing. When a currency transfer requires an extremely expensive fee and it takes a long time to arrive, it can no longer be called a good currency. , Let alone compete with other types of currencies, because the poor transfer experience will gradually drive away existing digital currency users.
So, can this problem be solved? Of course, thanks to the emergence of the DPOS consensus mechanism, DPOS was born to improve the transfer speed bottleneck of POW. DPOS has a theoretical million-level TPS and is currently the only consensus mechanism that can carry large-scale commercial and massive users. This is why DeFis Yearn (DSY) introduces the DPOS consensus mechanism. In the early stage of DSY operation through POW, it provides computing power protection and a good currency distribution mechanism for DSY. After the market has a certain amount of currency in circulation, the DPOS mechanism is introduced to solve the transfer bottleneck of the pure POW mechanism and solve the POW mechanism that has been criticized. The problem. In addition, according to DSY official data, DSY will adopt the DAO decentralized governance mechanism, which is by far the most efficient governance mechanism. It can pave the way for DSY in the rapid development of the blockchain world. Turn off the highway.
Since the POW+DPOS mechanism is so perfect, why should we introduce the POC mechanism to achieve the integration of the three consensus mechanisms of POW+DPOS+POC? The reason is simple. There is still a problem with the POW mechanism, which is meaningless energy consumption. POC not only solves the problem of energy consumption, but also provides users with the function of decentralized storage. POC gives miners the value of existence and contribution to human society in a true sense. In addition, the integration of the POC mechanism can effectively increase the gold content of the DSY public chain, so that in addition to the text information of the transfer, the DSY chain also carries various forms of content. At that time, DSY has an excellent privacy protection mechanism in terms of currency attributes. ——Anonymous transfer, which can carry various ecological DAPPs and provide content storage based on the properties of the blockchain. It is a decentralized encrypted storage navigation system and a decentralized program operation system, which greatly increases the gold content of the DSY public chain , Which also enables all DSY holders to enjoy the dividends brought by the ecological development of the chain.
Does DSY plan to implement currency applications in the real world?
In fact, offline payment is a pain point that all digital currencies cannot solve. After all, there is a certain gap between digital currencies and legal currencies. But fortunately, as can be seen from the project development route in the official DSY white paper, DSY will implement offline payment functions and will support payment through the world's largest legal currency payment institution-PayPal. In addition to international payment tools, DSY also supports offline payments in some local areas, such ascommonly used in IndiaPaytm Paytm, Yandex.Money in Russia, WeChat and Alipay in China, etc. Users can use DSY decentralized wallet to directly complete offline fiat currency scan code payment, DSY will automatically convert the corresponding fiat currency amount to pay to the other party. This feature will undoubtedly be a phenomenon-level innovative application in the blockchain world in 2020.
How to get DSY?
From the official information and development progress report, DeFis Yearn will first open a small number of DSY tokens for crowdfunding, and then complete the mainnet launch, so we can get DSY from several channels, whether through early crowdfunding , Mining or future exchange purchases. From the perspective of DSY's technological breakthrough and powerful offline application functions, DSY will undoubtedly bring a new round of impact to the blockchain world, and it is expected to cast another myth. This is mainly because the popularity of DSY mainnet is too high. , Has attracted the attention of a large number of domestic and foreign capitals, and everyone is looking forward to this moment. Under the multiple favorable circumstances, how strong DSY can perform, let us wait and see.
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Started: 30th April 2020
Investment Plans
(1) Deposit 10–499 dollars, earn 0.5% daily for 12 months and principal of deposit is returned at the end
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Withdrawal Type
It takes 30 seconds to transfer funds to any payment system. If you did not receive money within 15 minutes, firstly, check that your wallet ID is correct in Settings. If your wallet ID is correct, send a message to admin, with time, date, and transaction sum to check the payment.
Domain Registration
Domain Time: 2020/02/24–2021/02/24
IP Location: Belize — Belize City — Ddos-guard Corp.
IP Address: is hosted on a dedicated server
ASN: AS262254 DDOS-GUARD CORP., BZ (registered Dec 05, 2012)
More Information runs its website on an original designed template, and admin registered UK company certificate with registration number 07132418. There is also a video review on its homepage and you can click to watch if interested. Currently, supports 4 languages, including English, Russian, German and Uzbek. For more information about, you can follow their social accounts at the bottom of their website, including Telegram, VK and Youtube.
Come From:
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Ytaopal Agent Review + Guide

Hey Guys,
after I shipped my last few Hauls via Ytaopal I think I can give a honest Opinion about Ytaopal and can give you some Tips about Ytaopal
If you are using Superbuy, you should check out hyperionfr `s Guide here. Its better and bigger than mine but he only talked about Superbuy as Agent, that inspired me about doing my own little Guide for yall.


  1. Basics (brought to you by hyperionfr)
  2. How to buy from Taobao, Tmall, Yupoo and more Sources via Ytaopal
  3. Shipping and Customs (+ my Experiences)
  4. My Experiences with Ytaopal (+ compared to Superbuy)


1. What is an Agent?

tl;dr: An Agent is a commercial Service which lets you buy Items off of Chinese Websites and deliveres them to you. An Agent also sends you Pictures of your Items before shipping and is talking to the Sellers for you. These Services take a small fee for their Service but this is in the most cases absolutely worth it so you should use them.

For new users coming to this sub daily it is hard to directly understand the point of an agent. Be honest, you did not do better in your first days/weeks. So instead of redirecting them to the searchbar just explain it to them in 2 sentences.
The main website we buy our reps from is It is like a amazon or eBay for China - solely for China. The problem that results is that we need a connection between your country and China. You cannot buy from TaoBao directly (for most of the countries) and you probably would not understand anything. So here comes the agent in hand. You browse through your favorite TaoBao shops and find some items you want to buy. Now you do not buy it through TaoBao but through your agent (in our case Ytaopal). Ytaopal now buys this exact item and lets it deliver to their warehouse. You ask for pictures, measurements, exchanges, returns etc. When everything is fine Ytaopal will package everything and deliver it to you. They are the connection between you and TaoBao.
(the longer Text was written by hyperionfr for his Guide)

2. Which agent to use?

As suggested by the Title of the Post, Im using Ytaopal. In my time into Fashionreps I used a few Agents like Superbuy, Basetao, CSSBuy and Ytaopal. None of them is bad but there are some differences in their offerings and prices. For first-time buyers I would suggest going with Superbuy, which is a bit more expensive then the other ones but is the most professional and the most easy to use. In addition, you can find more than enough Guides for buying via Superbuy on this Subreddit.

How to buy from Taobao, Tmall, Yupoo and more Sources via Ytaopal

1. Buying things on Chinese Websites

tl;dr Taobao/Tmall Tutorial:
  1. get a Link for what you want
  2. go to Ytaopal and paste your Link into the Searchbar
  3. Select type and sizing
  4. Click the "Add to Cart" Button
  5. Go into your Cart
  6. Click the Checkout Button
  7. Pay the Items

1.1 Signing Up

Just go to the top-right corner and select "Register". Just put in your email, username and password and you should be fine.

1.2 Finding Items

You can buy Items from many different Chinese Sites. You can find the officially Supported Sites on Ytaopals Homepage, altough its not listed there, you can order from Yupoo and Wechat too.
For finding the Items you want, just take a look into the Subreddit and check out some of the Hauls other Guys did. In most cases you can find a Review of the Item and a Link to the Seller. You can also click some recommended Links on Taobao or explore some sellers on Yupoo.
A big help while checking out Items on Taobao can be u/AColdFloor `s QCSuite Addon which can be found here. It displays the QC Pictures of other Users to you right on the Taobao site. With that, you can check how the Item looks in reality and can decide better.
For Translating Chinese I found Google Translator (for Websites) and Yandex Image OCR (for Pictures) the most useful. Most of the time you can get a Sense of what the Seller is trying to tell you.

1.3 Buying Items

If you found the Items you want, click at the Searchbar at the Homepage of Ytaopal and just Copy your Link into it. If its a Link from a officially Supported Site you can just Click the Options and you see a Picture of your Pick. The Price will also be automatically filled.
If you want to order from CNFashionBuy/CNFashionPub, scroll down at the Articles Site and click the Yupoo link. After you got the Yupoo Link just do the usual Ordering Process through Yupoo (below). When using the CN Sites, set the "Price" to that listed on the Site and set "Shipping" to 0.
If you want to order from Yupoo, paste the Link into the searchbar on the Homepage and the Ytaopal Site will be Blank. Now fill out the Blank Spaces, into "Title" just copy the Name of the Yupoo Album of your desired Item. Prices should be listed somewhere on Yupoo too. Now just fill in the Size you want into the "Comments" field.
If you want to order from WeChat, write an Email towards [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) telling them the WeChat Name and the Items you want, try to specify what you want as specific as possible.
How to order from Taobao Imgur Tutorial
How to order from Yupoo Imgur Tutorial

1.4 Paying

Ytaopal uses a Balance System, that means you cant be overcharged and can only pay what you charged up before. All Refunds will be added to your Ytaopal Balance.
To charge up your balance just navigate to the Dashboard of your Ytaopal Account and click "recharge". For adding Money to your Account you can use Debit Cards, Bitcoin, Western Union, Bank Transfer, iDeal, Giropay, Polipayment, Trustpay, EPS, Mistercash, Mybank (France/Belgium/Italy and Luxembourg), Sofort, Safetypay and Multibanco. You can select the amount you want to charge up and the fees for it will be shown below.
If you want to pay with Paypal (which is pretty likely), just write an Email at the Support. They are gonna tell you the Paypal-adress and what you have to do. Paying with Paypal is fee-less and takes 24h at most. (the Support needs to add the Balance manually to your Account)

1.5 the Warehouse

After you ordered your Items, you can see them listed in your Warehouse after they arrive at Ytaopal. The Warehouse lists your Items and shows the Order-Number, Price and Weight.
When your Items are listed in the Warehouse, you can click on "QC Album" (on the Dashboard) or "My QC Pictures" (at the Sidebar) to see the Pictures your Agent took of your Pieces. In my opinion, those pictures are far superior to the QC Pics of Superbuy. (more to my Experiences down below)
Ytaopal Warehouse + QC Pics Imgur Album

2. Getting your Items shipped to you

tl;dr Tutorial:
  1. go to your Warehouse
  2. select the Items you want to ship
  3. click the "Add to package" Button
  4. Fill in your Adress and your favourite shipping method
  5. Pay for your Package
To get your fresh new clothes shipped to you, just go to your Warehouse and tick the Boxes besides the Items you want to ship then click "add new Package" and you will be taken towards the Checkout Screen. There you select your Shipping Adress, Shipping Service (DHL GANG GANG) and Select if you wanted to keep Boxes or throw them away. You should throw them away if you dont need them, that saves you a lot of money and can be benefical with the customs. Underneath you can input some Comments that you want to tell Ytaopal, unless like other Agents Ytaopal will not write those Comments on your Parcel.
Ytaopal shipping Screenshot Imgur

2.1 Declaration

tl;dr Tutorial:
  1. Check the total weight of your Parcel
  2. Check the Customs Regulations about Parcels for your Country
  3. Pick the Price you want to declare your Haul at
  4. Submit your Parcel
  5. Write an Email to the Support including your Parcel-Number and tell them how you want to declare your Items.
  6. Ask the Support to send you the Invoice they put on your Parcel
My Tip for you is to let the Comment Section blank and write an Email to the Support after you submitted your Parcel. When you write an Email you can tell them exactly how you want to declare it. If you dont tell them anything they will declare it at original Pricing so you should at least do it in the Comments if you dont want to write that Email. Also, if you dont tell them anything about the Items inside, they will just put the real Items on the Box (e.g. if you bought 3 Hoodies and 1 Shirt, it will just be declared at 3 Hoodies and 1 Shirt but fitting to the Price you want). If you just say they should declare it to 30$ for example they are gonna fit your Items to 30$ with free Shipping. Depending on your Country, you should probably set it to ~5$ Shipping or how you want. Remember to ask them to send you the Invoice they put on the Parcel.
You will not receive a shipping Refund with Ytaopal, but the Pricing is a good bit cheaper than Superbuys. You can calculate shipping Prices via the Calculator found on their Homepage, remember that this is only accurate with EMS as DHL goes for volumetric weight which you cannot be calculated.

2.2 What happens when the Customs Check my Haul

First Advice, calm down. It is very unlikely that Customs open up your Haul randomly. If you are in a Country of the European Union, Customs cannot open your Parcel without you accepting to open it if its not looking Suspicious.

If you are using DHL, just check the Tracking Site to see your Parcelstatus."Customs status updated" - Your Parcel has been announced to Customs or you need to hand-in a Proof of Worth for your Items. You can see this when clicking on the "+ Button" on the tracking Site.
" Processed for clearance at LEIPZIG - GERMANY " - The Customs started working on your Parcel, nothing bad.
" Clearance event " - Your Parcel is stuck or delayed, most of the time you are fine. If its on this Status for a longer Period of time, call DHL."Clearance processing complete at LEIPZIG - GERMANY " - Your Parcel got through Customs without Problems!
How to do the Proof of Worth:
Obviously, you dont want to pay Taxes so you need to fake the Invoice. The Invoice that Ytaopal sent you is not going to be accepted as such Invoices can easily be faked. So what do you send the Customs then?
Just go to your Paypal recent activities and pick a Payment. Click F12 and edit the Date of the Transaction (to the Date your Parcel was Packed), the Worth (to your declared Value). Just take a Screenshot of your edited Transaction and upload it to DHL4You. You may need to call them and tell them you uploaded it afterwards.
Sometimes they want the Proof of Worth for every single Item, just go to your Parcel on Ytaopal and F12 again. Change the Values of the Items to match the total worth of your Parcel and just send them this Screenshot too.

There are probably Guides for declaration for your specific Countries on the Subreddit, just search them.

3. My Experiences with Ytaopal (+ compared to Superbuy)

In my Experience, Ytaopals Customer Support is the best I ever encountered. Big thanks to Alice and Shmily for helping me out with my Questions and Orders. As you can see in the Pics, I spammed them a little bit and they were very kind and never Rude. Remember Bois, always be nice to your Agent and Sellers, they are getting your Shit for you.
The Emails I wrote to Ytaopal Imgur
Here is a quick comparison between the 2 Agentservices:
Ytaopal Superbuy
- better QC Pics - definetly worse QC pics
- more Personal, worse Website - more automated, better Website
- uses their own Mind instead of just doing what you said - does strictly what you said
- only Beijing-Time Support - 24/7 Support
- fewer Workers, slower when there are more Parcels - more Workers

As seen in the Table, Ytaopal is an Agent which requires you to Contact them a lot to manage your Shipments and Orders. That may be a bit complicated for newcommers, but gives experienced shoppers a lot more "customization".

If you got any more Questions or anything, just write a Comment or send me Message, im glad to help.
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Read the analytical report for November 12–18

Read the analytical report for November 12–18
Analytical report of the Golden Island private club
We present to you the report filed by the analysts of our private club for November 12–19, 2018.
Key market events
1) 1% of Moscow residents use cryptocurrencies for wired payments, and another 5% are willing to make such payments too, according to the survey of Yandex.Money and the Moscow Department of Information Technology.
2) Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) and Ripple will create a cross-border payment service for the Brazilian market.
3) The ConsenSys Kaleido startup division and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will launch a trading platform for blockchain services.
4) The number of confirmed transactions in the main Bitcoin network has doubled in the last 10 months, exceeding 300,000 transactions per day on November 12.
5) The head of the IMF Christine Lagarde advised central banks to consider issuing digital currencies, as they can make transactions safer, faster and cheaper.
6) During the tax audit in China, mining farms were disconnected from electricity in the provinces of Xinjiang and Guizhou. Estimated losses are roughly $143,700, and Bitcoin hash rate fell by almost 20%.
7) Bitcoin Cash network underwent a hardfork. The BCHABC token costs roughly five times more than the BCHSV token on the Poloniex exchange.
8) The number of active Lightning nodes in the Bitcoin network has reached 4039.
9) Crimea is aiming to create an International Center where experts from sanctioned countries will be able to study blockchain technologies.
10) Binance Exchange asked its users from Iran to leave the site and withdraw their assets due to the requirements of the new US sanctions.
11) Switzerland will approve the listing of the first crypto ETF in the country on the SIX Exchange next week.
12) Iran has developed a national rial-backed cryptocurrency.
13) Ripple technology can now be used for instant international transfers from Malaysia.
14) Kyiv has launched a Smart City Accelerator in Silicon Valley.
15) The central banks of Canada, Singapore and Britain recognized the efficiency of digital currencies for world trade.
Market analytics from club experts for November 12–18, 2018
The typical week with the standard forecasts has suddenly witnessed a massive drop in the price of BTC, accompanied by a clear flight of capital from the crypto market. This time, we didn’t observe the usual dump of the first half of the week with the subsequent return to the original value. The total capitalization of the crypto market at the beginning of the week — $211 billion — dropped to $180 billion by Thursday, with a slight correction after falling on Sunday — $186 billion. The trading volume remained $12.5–13 billion for the entire week, reaching $24–25 billion during the fall.
The BTC dominance also increased from 53% to 58% and bounced back to 53% only by the end of the week. The price per 1 BTC gradually decreased from $6,413 to $6,300, and then fell to $5,600 within one day. The price remained the same for the rest of the week, amounting to the same $5600 at the end of the week. At the beginning of the week, the lively trade in altcoins gave way to the worries concerning the price of BTC and, accordingly, the behavior of altcoins. And right away, some people pulled out the old forecasts, promising a fall to $4,000, $3,000, and even to $1,300, which were earlier pushed aside as they were deemed irrelevant. Some people quickly changed their forecasts for the price by the end of the year, suddenly realizing the inconsistency of the market. There is a strong opinion that the undercover games of the creators of the BCH fork, who are waging a war for survival, have played a huge role in this price drop. However, a number of well-known traders and analysts, whose authority is based on their consistency and competence, continue to insist that the current “bottom” is just another reason to add BTC to your portfolio. And they have a point! No matter how persistent the chat rooms and media are in stirring up FUD and panic, cryptocurrency is already winning its share in the economy. We observe more real use cases of this technology, real implementation of cryptocurrency for its intended purpose, as well as more interest and direct participation of large companies. All the investors need to do is wait, or better yet, take advantage of the situation! Otherwise, they would have to catch up, and this is not the best solution!
Changes in the cost and capitalization of the TOP-10 cryptocurrencies in the period from 12 to 18 November, 2018
TOP-3 growing coins from the long-term portfolio for November 12–18, 2018 (including portfolio updates)
Ripple XRP has delivered the best growth + 2.88%, LevelUp Coin LUC and NEM XEM also showed a positive result + 0.8% and + 0.3% respectively. All other coins in the market fell sharply due to a sharp drop of BTC.
Be the first one to get the latest updates, reports of analysts and trading signals. Just send a message with a text “I want to earn with you” to the group or to your curator. Each week, experts and analysts of the Golden Island club share secrets of investing, earning on cryptocurrency and investment opportunities in 2018. Subscribe to the insider newsletter, follow the announcements of events and stay in touch!
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Hashflare legit or scam?

Today it's time to write reviews about HashFlare.
My acquaintance with cloud mining began a long time ago. In total, I invested more than $ 1000.
hashflare cloud mining
The beginning of our conversation will be - reliable service. Money in it is invested without worry about the final result. It has a data center with equipment. Conditions for functioning are available. You can see even a photo of this data center, for example, this:
hashflare reviews
Another photo, if desired, can be viewed on the website
We will go further, proceeding to list features:
The project has been working for many years and it is considered one of the most reliable. This is indicated by the statistics of visiting the site and queries in the search engines.
Yandex gives us this statistics here is the number of requests and the growth of popularity of HashFlare.
What about the profitability indicators on HashFlare?
Differences in algorithms also yield differences in profitability. It, moreover, undergoes changes almost daily, because it depends on many factors that occur.
The creators of this service insist that they are trying to keep 120 percent annual profitability. This indicates the establishment of the price of the proposed capacity so that within a year they pay off, bringing even 20 percent more.
Regarding real numbers, I will say that today they are equal:
Up to 50 percent per annum - the level of profitability of SHA-256; Up to 80 percent per annum - the level of profitability of Etherhash; Up to 140 percent per annum - the yield level X11; Up to 115 percent per annum - the level of profitability Scrypt. Information on the current profitability of can easily be found by reference - the cloud clouding is highly reliable.
When there is no confidence in a better investment of money, it is worthwhile to study my article - where to invest money?
Interested in this service? Hurry up to register in HashFlare and keep the path to the continuation of the article about my experience.
HashFlare: how to ensure successful work?
After completing the registration, you get to the control panel with options. First, you need to buy power, for which click on "Buy a hashtre."
hashflare divorce
You can buy power - Scrypt and SHA-256. Next in the purchase procedure, the next page will open. The slider indicates the number of capacities to purchase.
After selecting the quantity, confirm it by pressing "Next". We get to the page that contains all the details of the order. Then select the "Choose a payment method" button at the bottom right and choose a payment option. Although there are few available payment methods, a pleasant opportunity is to pay WebMoney, which is convenient for many users. The capacities become available as soon as the order is paid. The income will be paid immediately. On the user's account, enrollment occurs after 00:00 UTC.
HashFlare: which pool is the best?
The work of the purchased capacities takes place through the mining pools. Having several pools available, you can independently choose the pools through which you will mine. A lot of users are wondering about the choice of the pool on the project. The profitability of this choice does not depend too much, but you need to choose a weight that is the best pool, which will allow you to have the maximum revenue: SHA-256 - AntPool and F2Pool; Scrypt - Clevermining.
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Earn moneyBitcoin mining - YouTube 7 DAY$-24/HR$ - BITCOIN MINING EXPERIMENT - See How Much ... How to Mine Bitcoins Using Your Own Computer - YouTube How To Mine 1 Bitcoin in 10 Minutes - Blockchain BTC Miner ... How Much Money I Made Mining Bitcoin SO FAR!!!!!!! - YouTube

It is possible to deposit money via bank wire transfers, credit and debit cards, electronic transfers, WebMoney, MoneyBookers, Qiwi, Yandex Money, Skrill, Neteller etc. The affiliate program is supported by the broker as well. Moreover, clients with the deposit over $50,000 are provided with VIP status and get a number of privileges. Moscow Has 120,000 Bitcoin Users? The survey was a joint project from the local Information Technology Department (DIT) and payments service Yandex.Money, which saw a modest sample of 1000 residents living in the Russian capital, whose population today is around 12 million. While a precis of the results classifies the 1 percent Bitcoin usage figure as making it “rather unpopular,” within ... -Select mining contract depending on the amount of your deposit-Enter amount of the deposit (minimum 0.0005 btc which is equal to 100 GH/s)-Choose Payment system and click Spend Button-On the next page the system will provide you with the detailed instructions. Payment options: - Bitcoin - Perfect Money Automatic start of mining with the optimal hardware settings. Ability to work in the advanced mode so you can customize all mining settings. Widget contains basic information: speed, accepted and rejected shares. Instant payments from 50BTC pool to: - Bitcoin address - Mobile phone numbers - Yandex.Money - QIWI - Webmoney (RUB) - VISA Buy bitcoins using Yandex Money with Russian Ruble (RUB) user mining-arsenal wishes to sell bitcoins to you. Price: 875,999.00 RUB / BTC. Payment method: Yandex Money User: mining-arsenal (feedback score 97 %, see feedback) Max. amount: 120,000.00 RUB. Location: Russia, Russian Federation. Payment window: ...

[index] [5244] [44549] [48445] [1638] [19273] [38158] [39221] [9522] [1431] [6611]

Earn moneyBitcoin mining - YouTube

Click here 👉 to get the app and start generating money from your cell phone or PC. 【 HERE THE SECRET 】How to Earn Money Bitcoin Live... ️ Download for free from Best #Bitcoin Mining Software: Best BTC Miners in 2020 Welcome to Bitcoin #Miner Machine. Bitc... I'm going to talking about top free best bitcoin mining website, and I'm gonna tell you every steps to get bitcoin mining! In this video I'm showing how to m... This video goes over my 7 day 1 week Bitcoin Mining experiment. I let my computer Mine for Bitcoin for a week straight, to see how much money I could generat... Start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency here: IMPORTANT!! This method only illustrates how mining works. You will not make any money f...