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How to Nvidia GPU mine CannaCoin on Windows

I thought would put together another tutorial for anyone looking to get started with mining CannaCoin's. it is a bit of a plug for my own mining pool ccn.surmine.com, but you're free to mine of another pool, the process is pretty much the same.
Once broken down into individual parts the whole process is quite simple and should only take less than half an hour to start mining.
The process can be broken down into the following stages:

Stage 1: Setup CannaCoin Wallet

  1. Go to [cannacoin.cc](cannacoin.cc) , click on download wallet then Download and select the windows client and save to your PC. Setup Image 1
  2. Open the CannaCoin wallet you downloaded and browse to the Cannacoin-QT folder. Setup Image 2
  3. Drag the contents into the Cannacoin folder you created on your C drive. Setup Image 3
  4. Double Click cannacoin-qt, you will asked to allow access to through your firewall, click "Allow access". Setup Image 4
  5. Your CannaCoin wallet is now running. It may show "No block source available" in the bottom left corner, give it 15 mins and it should connect to the network, if not check your firewall settings. Once you see "Synchronizing with network" in the bottom left you know you are good. Setup Image 5
  6. Click the Receive tab and write down your CannaCoin address, this is your address to receive coins. Setup Image 6

Stage 2: Create Mining Pool account.

There are multiple pools you can choose from but as I run a mining pool I might as well plug my own ccn.suremine.com , If you would like to use another the following steps will work with another pool.
  1. Point your browser at ccn.suremine.com, in the top right hand corner of the page click "Guest" then "Sign Up". Account Image 1
  2. Complete the registration form, make sure you choose a good password that is unique to this poll, write down the PIN, as if you lose it you lose your coins! Account Image 2
  3. Check your email and Click the email verification link, if you can't see the email check your spam folder.
  4. Login to your account and Click "My Account" then click "Edit Account" On the Left Hand Nav. Enter your PIN and click unlock. This will create a confirmation email you will need to click. Account Image 3
  5. Check your email and Click the email verification link, if you can't see the email check your spam folder.
    • Set your payment address ( the one you copied down when you created your wallet).
    • Set your Donation Percentage ( this helps keep the pool running).
    • Set your automatic payout threshold ( low to start with to see the funds come through).
    • Insert your pin again.
    • Click Update Account. Account Image 4
  6. On the Left Hand Navigation bar click "My Account" then "My Workers". Enter a worker name and password (these can be anything you like). Account Image 5
  7. Click Add New Worker and the page will refresh with your worker details, note both the worker login and worker password down. you will need both of these later. Account Image 7

Stage 3: Install CPU Miner

Before you install the GPU Mining Application you want to make sure you are running off the latest Nvidia Drivers.
  1. Go to the Cuda miner page on BitCoin talk and download the latest package.
  2. Create a folder in C:/ called GPUminer. Install Image 1
  3. Once Downloaded, unzip the file, go into to cduaminer-2014-02-28 then into x86 and drag the contents of the zip file into the GPUminer folder. By the time you're doing this the date of 2014-02-28 may have changed to a newer version, that's good news!) Install Image 2
  4. Open up notepad and insert the following text, you want to replace the worker login and the worker password with the values you noted down earlier. cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp://uk.suremine.com:6666 -u USERACCOUNT.WORKERUSER -p WORKERPASS pause Install Image 3
  5. Select File > Save as then save the file to c:/GPUmine as gpuminer.bat. Install Image 4

Stage 4: Mine

  1. From the C:/GPUminer double click gpuminer.bat this will open a window. after a few minutes you should start seeing accepted transactions. All accepted transactions are good. Mine Image 1

Performance Tuning

If you are looking to get the most out of your Nvidia card you can update gpuminer.bat with config from the Nvidia Comparison Table
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