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Open Letter To The Australian Taxation Office for the Commonwealth of Australia regarding Crypto Strategies (trading as Coinspice)

Dear Australian Taxation Office for the Commonwealth of Australia,
I am a concerned global internet user worried about the darkmarket illegal drugs/child pornography/weapons etc... "Silk Road" type connections to a cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin Cash and an Australian company.
You might be aware that the head of the Bitcoin Cash operation (running at is a Mr Roger Keith Ver, resident of St. Kitts & Nevis.
He was quite rightly recently denied a visa to enter your country. He has been denied visas to enter Canada and the USA. This Roger Ver is a dangerous cryptoanarchist with a convicted federal felon with prison time served in the USA for selling, storage and shipment of explosives, so I am glad your immigration authorities have done their homework.
His company however ( has become a platinum sponsor of the "Coinspice" event to be held in the city of Townsville, Queensland and his apparent reason to enter Australia was to speak at said conference.
How does this relate to the ATO?
Well Coinspice is just the brand name of a company called Crypto Strategies (ABN 17 421 429 725).
I note from the that the company is registered as a Individual/Sole Trader with Entity Name "OTTO, ****** ****" (censored for reddit).
I adivse that you check what this "Sole Trader" is doing in the city of Townsville, Queensland because it certainly doesn't seem like a sole trader operation to me. You can see hundreds of hours of output on Youtube under the name "Coinspice", filmed by professional camera crews etc... and with professional editing and production. There are also livestreams and many other international productions and free giveaways of ATM machines etc... Also he is planning a big conference in the city.
Some useful links:
"Sole traders" website -
"Sole traders" Youtube channel - note multiple employees:
"Sole traders" global conference -
Example of "Sole trader" giving away 1 of 100 ATM cash machines:
May I suggest you look for records in his tax filings related to payments for such companies services, and perhaps if the records don't exist my I suggest to you that that he is being funded by Mr Roger Ver, in Bitcoin Cash all off the records and without any accounting, and he uses such funds to pay for camera opertors, video editors, live streamers etc... etc...if it looks like and smells like tax avoidance and money laundering it is certainly a nice spicy case for you to investigate.
That's all - just as I take great pride in and have tremendous respect for your immigration authorities for their thorough investigation and denial of criminal Roger Ver entry to Australia, I am sure the tax investigation authorities are also up to the job.
Thanks for you time. G'day!
Jim (full name here - censored for reddit).
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Emergent Coding FAQ

Background reading
  1. ELI5 with pictures.
  2. Hello World using Emergent Coding
  3. This document treats Emergent coding from a philosophical perspective. It has a good introduction, description of the tech and is followed by two sections on justifications from the perspective of Fred Brooks No Silver Bullet criteria and an industrialization criteria.
  4. Mark Fabbro's presentation from the Bitcoin Cash City Conference which outlines the motivation, basic mechanics, and usage of Bitcoin Cash in reproducing the industrial revolution in the software industry.
  5. Building the Bitcoin Cash City presentation highlighting how the emergent coding group of companies fit into the adoption roadmap of North Queensland.
  6. Forging Chain Metal by Paul Chandler CEO of Aptissio, one of startups in the emergent coding space and which secured a million in seed funding last year.
  7. Bitcoin Cash App Exploration A series of Apps that are some of the first to be built by emergent coding and presented, and in the case of Cashbar, demonstrated at the conference.
  8. A casual Bitcoin Cash interview that touches on emergent coding, tech park, merchant adoption and much more.
How does Emergent Coding prevent developer capture?
A developer's Agent does not know what project they are contributing to and is thus paid for the specific contribution. The developer is controlling the terms of the payment rather than the alternative, an employer with an employment agreement.
Why does Emergent Coding use Bitcoin BCH?
  1. Both emergent coding and Bitcoin BCH are decentralized: As emergent coding is a decentralized development environment consisting of Agents providing respective design services, each contract received by an agent requires a BCH payment. As Agents are hosted by their developer owners which may be residing in one of 150 countries, Bitcoin Cash - an electronic peer-to-peer electronic cash system - is ideal to include a developer regardless of geographic location.
  2. Emergent coding will increase the value of the Bitcoin BCH blockchain: With EC, there are typically many contracts to build an application (Cashbar was designed with 10000 contracts or so). EC adoption will increase the value of the Bitcoin BCH blockchain in line with this influx of quality economic activity.
  3. Emergent coding is being applied to BCH software first: One of the first market verticals being addressed with emergent coding is Bitcoin Cash infrastructure. We are already seeing quality applications created using emergent coding (such as the HULA, Cashbar, PH2, vending, ATMs etc). More apps and tools supporting Bitcoin cash will attract more merchants and business to BCH.
  4. Emergent coding increases productivity: Emergent coding increases developer productivity and reduces duplication compared to other software development methods. Emergent coding can provide BCH devs with an advantage over other coins. A BCH dev productivity advantage will accelerate Bitcoin BCH becoming the first global currency.
  5. Emergent coding produces higher quality binaries: Higher quality software leads to a more reliable network.

1. Who/what is Code Valley? Aptissio? BCH Tech Park? Mining and Server Complex?
Code Valley Corp Pty Ltd is the company founded to commercialize emergent coding technology. Code Valley is incorporated in North Queensland, Australia. See
Aptissio Australia Pty Ltd is a company founded in North Queensland and an early adopter of emergent coding. Aptissio is applying EC to Bitcoin BCH software. See
Townsville Technology Precincts Pty Ltd (TTP) was founded to bring together partners to answer the tender for the Historic North Rail Yard Redevelopment in Townsville, North Queensland. The partners consist of P+I, Conrad Gargett, HF Consulting, and a self-managed superannuation fund(SMSF) with Code Valley Corp Pty Ltd expected to be signed as an anchor tenant. TTP answered a Townsville City Council (TCC) tender with a proposal for a AUD$53m project (stage 1) to turn the yards into a technology park and subsequently won the tender. The plan calls for the bulk of the money is to be raised in the Australian equity markets with the city contributing $28% for remediation of the site and just under 10% from the SMSF. Construction is scheduled to begin in mid 2020 and be competed two years later.
Townsville Mining Pty Ltd was set up to develop a Server Complex in the Kennedy Energy Park in North Queensland. The site has undergone several studies as part of a due diligence process with encouraging results for its competitiveness in terms of real estate, power, cooling and data.
  1. TM are presently in negotiations with the owners of the site and is presently operating under an NDA.
  2. The business model calls for leasing "sectors" to mining companies that wish to mine allowing companies to control their own direction.
  3. Since Emergent Coding uses the BCH rail, TM is seeking to contribute to BCH security with an element of domestic mining.
  4. TM are working with American partners to lease one of the sectors to meet that domestic objective.
  5. The site will also host Emergent Coding Agents and Code Valley and its development partners are expected to lease several of these sectors.
  6. TM hopes to have the site operational within 2 years.
2. What programming language are the "software agents" written in.
Agents are "built" using emergent coding. You select the features you want your Agent to have and send out the contracts. In a few minutes you are in possession of a binary ELF. You run up your ELF on your own machine and it will peer with the emergent coding and Bitcoin Cash networks. Congratulations, your Agent is now ready to accept its first contract.
3. Who controls these "agents" in a software project
You control your own Agents. It is a decentralized development system.
4. What is the software license of these agents. Full EULA here, now.
A license gives you the right to create your own Agents and participate in the decentralized development system. We will publish the EULA when we release the product.
5. What kind of software architecture do these agents have. Daemons Responding to API calls ? Background daemons that make remote connection to listening applications?
Your Agent is a server that requires you to open a couple of ports so as to peer with both EC and BCH networks. If you run a BCH full node you will be familiar with this process. Your Agent will create a "job" for each contract it receives and is designed to operate thousands of jobs simultaneously in various stages of completion. It is your responsibility to manage your Agent and keep it open for business or risk losing market share to another developer capable of designing the same feature in a more reliable manner (or at better cost, less resource usage, faster design time etc.). For example, there is competition at every classification which is one reason emergent coding is on a fast path for improvement.
It is worth reiterating here that Agents are only used in the software design process and do not perform any role in the returned project binary.
6. What is the communication protocol these agents use.
The protocol is proprietary and is part of your license.
7. Are the agents patented? Who can use these agents?
It is up to you if you want to patent your Agent the underlying innovation behind emergent coding is _feasible_ developer specialization. Emergent coding gives you the ability to contribute to a project without revealing your intellectual property thus creating prospects for repeat business; It renders software patents moot.
Who uses your Agents? Your Agents earn you BCH with each design contribution made. It would be wise to have your Agent open for business at all times and encourage everyone to use your design service.
8. Do I need to cooperate with Code Valley company all of the time in order to deploy Emergent Coding on my software projects, or can I do it myself, using documentation?
It is a decentralized system. There is no single point of failure. Code Valley intends to defend the emergent coding ecosystem from abuse and bad actors but that role is not on your critical path.
9. Let's say Electron Cash is an Emergent Coding project. I have found a critical bug in the binary. How do I report this bug, what does Jonald Fyookball need to do, assuming the buggy component is a "shared component" puled from EC "repositories"?
If you built Electron Cash with emergent coding it will have been created by combining several high level wallet features designed into your project by their respective Agents. Obviously behind the scenes there are many more contracts that these Agents will let and so on. For example the Cashbar combines just 16 high level Point-of-Sale features but ultimately results in more than 10,000 contracts in toto. Should one of these 10,000 make a design error, Jonald only sees the high level Agents he contracted. He can easily pinpoint which of these contractors are in breach. Similarly this contractor can easily pinpoint which of its sub-contractors is in breach and so on. The offender that breached their contract wherever in the project they made their contribution, is easily identified. For example, when my truck has a warranty problem, I do not contact the supplier of the faulty big-end bearing, I simply take it back to Mazda who in turn will locate the fault.
Finally "...assuming the buggy component is a 'shared component' puled from EC 'repositories'?" - There are no repositories or "shared component" in emergent coding.
10. What is your licensing/pricing model? Per project? Per developer? Per machine?
Your Agent charges for each design contribution it makes (ie per contract). The exact fee is up to you. The resulting software produced by EC is unencumbered. Code Valley's pricing model consists of a seat license but while we are still determining the exact policy, we feel the "Valley" (where Agents advertise their wares) should charge a small fee to help prevent gaming the catalogue and a transaction fee to provide an income in proportion to operations.
11. What is the basic set of applications I need in order to deploy full Emergent Coding in my software project? What is the function of each application? Daemons, clients, APIs, Frontends, GUIs, Operating systems, Databases, NoSQLs? A lot of details, please.
There's just one. You buy a license and are issued with our product called Pilot. You run Pilot (node) up on your machine and it will peer with the EC and BCH networks. You connect your browser to Pilot typically via localhost and you're in business. You can build software (including special kinds of software like Agents) by simply combining available features. Pilot allows you to specify the desired features and will manage the contracts and decentralized build process. It also gives you access to the "Valley" which is a decentralized advertising site that contains all the "business cards" of each Agent in the community, classified into categories for easy search.
If we are to make a step change in software design, inventing yet another HLL will not cut it. As Fred Brooks puts it, an essential change is needed.
12. How can I trust a binary when I can not see the source?
The Emergent Coding development model is very different to what you are use to. There are ways of arriving at a binary without Source code.
The Agents in emergent coding design their feature into your project without writing code. We can see the features we select but can not demonstrate the source as the design process doesn't use a HLL.
The trust model is also different. The bulk of the testing happens _before_ the project is designed not _after_. Emergent Coding produces a binary with very high integrity and arguably far more testing is done in emergent coding than in incumbent methods you are used to.
In emergent coding, your reputation is built upon the performance of your Agent.
If your Agent produces substandard features, you are simply creating an opportunity for a competitor to increase their market share at your expense.
Here are some points worth noting regarding bad actor Agents:
  1. An Agent is a specialist and in emergent coding is unaware of the project they are contributing to. If you are a bad actor, do you compromise every contract you receive? Some? None?
  2. Your client is relying on the quality of your contribution to maintain their own reputation. Long before any client will trust your contributions, they will have tested you to ensure the quality is at their required level. You have to be at the top of your game in your classification to even win business. This isn't some shmuck pulling your routine from a library.
  3. Each contract to your agent is provisioned. Ie you advertise in advance what collaborations you require to complete your design. There is no opportunity for a "sign a Bitcoin transaction" Agent to be requesting "send an HTTP request" collaborations.
  4. Your Agent never gets to modify code, it makes a design contribution rather than a code contribution. There is no opportunity to inject anything as the mechanism that causes the code to emerge is a higher order complexity of all Agent involvement.
  5. There is near perfect accountability in emergent coding. You are being contracted and paid to do the design. Every project you compromise has an arrow pointed straight at you should it be detected even years later.
Security is a whole other ball game in emergent coding and current rules do not necessarily apply.
13. Every time someone rebuilds their application, do they have to pay over again for all "design contributions"? (Or is the ability to license components at fixed single price for at least a limited period or even perpetually, supported by the construction (agent) process?)
You are paying for the design. Every time you build (or rebuild) an application, you pay the developers involved. They do not know they are "rebuilding". This sounds dire but its costs far less than you think and there are many advantages. Automation is very high with emergent coding so software design is completed for a fraction of the cost of incumbent design methods. You could perhaps rebuild many time before matching incumbent methods. Adding features is hard with incumbent methods "..very few late-stage additions are required before the code base transforms from the familiar to a veritable monster of missed schedules, blown budgets and flawed products" (Brooks Jr 1987) whereas with emergent coding adding a late stage feature requires a rebuild and hence seamless integration. With Emergent Coding, you can add an unlimited number of features without risking the codebase as there isn't one.
The second part of your question incorrectly assumes software is created from licensed components rather than created by paying Agents to design features into your project without any licenses involved.
14. In this construction process, is the vendor of a particular "design contribution" able to charge differential rates per their own choosing? e.g. if I wanted to charge a super-low rate to someone from a 3rd world country versus charging slightly more when someone a global multinational corporation wants to license my feature?
Yes. Developers set the price and policy of their Agent's service. The Valley (where your Agent is presently advertised) presently only supports a simple price policy. The second part of your question incorrectly assumes features are encumbered with licenses. A developer can provide their feature without revealing their intellectual property. A client has the right to reuse a developer's feature in another project but will find it uneconomical to do so.
15. Is "entirely free" a supported option during the contract negotiation for a feature?
Yes. You set the price of your Agent.
16. "There is no single point of failure." Right now, it seems one needs to register, license the construction tech etc. Is that going to change to a model where your company is not necessarily in that loop? If not, don't you think that's a single point of failure?
It is a decentralized development system. Once you have registered you become part of a peer-to-peer system. Code Valley has thought long and hard about its role and has chosen the reddit model. It will set some rules for your participation and will detect or remove bad actors. If, in your view, Code Valley becomes a bad actor, you have control over your Agent, private keys and IP, you can leave the system at any time.
17. What if I can't obtain a license because of some or other jurisdictional problem? Are you allowed to license the technology to anywhere in the world or just where your government allows it?
We are planning to operate in all 150 countries. As ec is peer-to-peer, Code Valley does not need to register as a digital currency exchange or the like. Only those countries banning BCH will miss out (until such times as BCH becomes the first global electronic cash system).
For example the Cashbar combines just 16 high level Point-of-Sale features but ultimately results in more than 10,000 contracts in toto.
It seems already a reasonably complex application, so well done in having that as a demo.
Thank you.
19. I asked someone else a question about how it would be possible to verify whether an application (let's say one received a binary executable) has been built with your system of emergent consensus. Is this possible?
Yes of course. If you used ec to build an application, you can sign it and claim anything you like. Your client knows it came from you because of your signature. The design contributions making up the application are not signed but surprisingly there is still perfect accountability (see below).
20. I know it is possible to identify for example all source files and other metadata (like build environment) that went into constructing a binary, by storing this data inside an executable.
All metadata emergent coding is now stored offline. When your Agent completes a job, you have a log of the design agreements you made with your peers etc., as part of the log. If you are challenged at a later date for breaching a design contract, you can pull your logs to see what decisions you made, what sub-contracts were let etc. As every Agent has their own logs, the community as a whole has a completely trustless log of each project undertaken.
21. Is this being done with EC build products and would it allow the recipient to validate that what they've been provided has been built only using "design contributions" cryptographically signed by their providers and nothing else (i.e. no code that somehow crept in that isn't covered by the contracting process)?
The emergent coding trust model is very effective and has been proven in other industries. Remember, your Agent creates a feature in my project by actually combining smaller features contracted from other Agents, thus your reputation is linked to that of your suppliers. If Bosch makes a faulty relay in my Ford, I blame Ford for a faulty car not Bosch when my headlights don't work. Similarly, you must choose and vet your sub-contractors to the level of quality that you yourself want to project. Once these relationships are set up, it becomes virtually impossible for a bad actor to participate in the system for long or even from the get go.
22. A look at code generated and a surprising answer to why is every intermediate variable spilled?
Thanks to u/R_Sholes, this snippet from the actual code for: number = number * 10 + digitgenerated as a part of: sub read/integeboolean($, 0, 100) -> guess
; copy global to local temp variable 0x004032f2 movabs r15, global.current_digit 0x004032fc mov r15, qword [r15] 0x004032ff mov rax, qword [r15] 0x00403302 movabs rdi, local.digit 0x0040330c mov qword [rdi], rax ; copy global to local temp variable 0x0040330f movabs r15, global.guess 0x00403319 mov r15, qword [r15] 0x0040331c mov rax, qword [r15] 0x0040331f movabs rdi, local.num 0x00403329 mov qword [rdi], rax ; multiply local variable by constant, uses new temp variable for output 0x0040332c movabs r15, local.num 0x00403336 mov rax, qword [r15] 0x00403339 movabs rbx, 10 0x00403343 mul rbx 0x00403346 movabs rdi, local.num_times_10 0x00403350 mov qword [rdi], rax ; add local variables, uses yet another new temp variable for output 0x00403353 movabs r15, local.num_times_10 0x0040335d mov rax, qword [r15] 0x00403360 movabs r15, local.digit 0x0040336a mov rbx, qword [r15] 0x0040336d add rax, rbx 0x00403370 movabs rdi, local.num_times_10_plus_digit 0x0040337a mov qword [rdi], rax ; copy local temp variable back to global 0x0040337d movabs r15, local.num_times_10_plus_digit 0x00403387 mov rax, qword [r15] 0x0040338a movabs r15, global.guess 0x00403394 mov rdi, qword [r15] 0x00403397 mov qword [rdi], rax For comparison, an equivalent snippet in C compiled by clang without optimizations gives this output: imul rax, qword ptr [guess], 10 add rax, qword ptr [digit] mov qword ptr [guess], rax 
Collaborations at the byte layer of Agents result in designs that spill every intermediate variable.
Firstly, why this is so?
Agents from this early version only support one catch-all variable design when collaborating. Similar to a compiler when all registers contain variables, the compiler must make a decision to spill a register temporarily to main memory. The compiler would still work if it spilled every variable to main memory but would produce code that would be, as above, hopelessly inefficient.
However, by only supporting the catch-all portion of the protocol, the code valley designers were able to design, build and deploy these agents faster because an Agent needs fewer predicates in order to participate in these simpler collaborations.
The protocol involved however, can have many "Policies" besides the catch-all default policy (Agents can collaborate over variables designed to be on the stack, or, as is common for intermediate variables, designed to use a CPU register, and so forth).
This example highlights one of the very exciting aspects of emergent coding. If we now add a handful of additional predicates to a handful of these byte layer agents, henceforth ALL project binaries will be 10x smaller and 10x faster.
Finally, there can be many Agents competing for market share at each of classification. If these "gumby" agents do not improve, you can create a "smarter" competitor (ie with more predicates) and win business away from them. Candy from a baby. Competition means the smartest agents bubble to the top of every classification and puts the entire emergent coding platform on a fast path for improvement. Contrast this with incumbent libraries which does not have a financial incentive to improve. Just wait until you get to see our production system.
23. How hard can an ADD Agent be?
Typically an Agent's feature is created by combining smaller features from other Agents. The smallest features are so devoid of context and complexity they can be rendered by designing a handful of bytes in the project binary. Below is a description of one of these "byte" layer Agents to give you an idea how they work.
An "Addition" Agent creates the feature of "adding two numbers" in your project (This is an actual Agent). That is, it contributes to the project design a feature such that when the project binary is delivered, there will be an addition instruction somewhere in it that was designed by the contract that was let to this Agent.
If you were this Agent, for each contract you received, you would need to collaborate with peers in the project to resolve vital requirements before you can proceed to design your binary "instruction".
Each paid contract your Agent receives will need to participate in at least 4 collaborations within the design project. These are:
  1. Input A collaboration
  2. Input B collaboration
  3. Result collaboration
  4. Construction site collaboration
You can see from the collaborations involved how your Agent can determine the precise details needed to design its instruction. As part of the contract, the Addition Agent will be provisioned with contact details so it can join these collaborations. Your Agent must collaborate with other stakeholders in each collaboration to resolve that requirement. In this case, how a variable will be treated. The stakeholders use a protocol to arrive at an Agreement and share the terms of the agreement. For example, the stakeholders of collaboration “Input A” may agree to treat the variable as an signed 64bit integer, resolve to locate it at location 0x4fff2, or alternatively agree that the RBX register should be used, or agree to use one of the many other ways a variable can be represented. Once each collaboration has reached an agreement and the terms of that agreement distributed, your Agent can begin to design the binary instruction. The construction site collaboration is where you will exactly place your binary bytes.
The construction site protocol is detailed in the whitepaper and is some of the magic that allows the decentralized development system to deliver the project binary. The protocol consists of 3 steps,
  1. You request space in the project binary be reserved.
  2. You are notified of the physical address of your requested space.
  3. You delver the the binary bytes you designed to fill the reserved space.
Once the bytes are returned your Agent can remove the job from its work schedule. Job done, payment received, another happy customer with a shiny ADD instruction designed into their project binary.
  1. Observe how it is impossible for this ADD Agent to install a backdoor undetected by the client.
  2. Observe how the Agent isn’t linking a module, or using a HLL to express the binary instruction.
  3. Observe how with just a handful of predicates you have a working "Addition" Agent capable of designing the Addition Feature into a project with a wide range of collaboration agreements.
  4. Observe how this Agent could conceivably not even design-in an ADD instruction if one of the design time collaboration agreements was a literal "1" (It would design in an increment instruction). There is even a case where this Agent may not deliver any binary to build its feature into your project!
24. How does EC arrive at a project binary without writing source code?
Devs using EC combine features to create solutions. They don't write code. EC devs contract Agents which design the desired features into their project for a fee. Emergent coding uses a domain specific contracting language (called pilot) to describe the necessary contracts. Pilot is not a general purpose language. As agents create their features by similarly combining smaller features contracted from peer, your desired features may inadvertently result in thousands of contracts. As it is agents all the way down, there is no source code to create the project binary.
Traditional: Software requirements -> write code -> compile -> project binary (ELF).
Emergent coding: Select desired features -> contract agents -> project binary (ELF).
Agents themselves are created the same way - specify the features you want your agent to have, contract the necessary agents for those features and viola - agent project binary (ELF).
25. How does the actual binary code that agents deliver to each other is written?
An agent never touches code. With emergent coding, agents contribute features to a project, and leave the project binary to emerge as the higher-order complexity of their collective effort. Typically, agents “contribute” their feature by causing smaller features to be contributed by peers, who in turn, do likewise. By mapping features to smaller features delivered by these peers, agents ensure their feature is delivered to the project without themselves making a direct code contribution.
Peer connections established by these mappings serve to both incrementally extend a temporary project “scaffold” and defer the need to render a feature as a code contribution. At the periphery of the scaffold, features are so simple they can be rendered as a binary fragment with these binary fragments using the information embodied by the scaffold to guide the concatenation back along the scaffold to emerge as the project binary - hence the term Emergent Coding.
Note the scaffold forms a temporary tree-like structure which allows virtually all the project design contracts to be completed in parallel. The scaffold also automatically limits an agent's scope to precisely the resources and site for their feature. It is why it is virtually impossible for an agent to install a "back door" or other malicious code into the project binary.
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Bitcoin Cash - Adoption Success Incensing Core Trolls (Warning - Desperate, Vulgar, Ad hominem)

It's the price we pay for a censorship-free /btc.
Some examples by a particularly troubled core troll irmke taken from Bitcoin Cash - Spawning Merchant Groups in North Queensland to Drive Adoption
Firstly, a mild one, gets himself a little worked up:
Yes! Everywhere! Now that northern QLD has been conquered, let's move onto the next most dense commercial centre within the economic and technological powerhouse that is Australia. To the darling downs! Honestly it's like you people exist in the gumby universe, and not the good one either. The early one where it looks like he was missing several chromosomes. Seriously, you embarrass all of us.
Then this effort, where you can pick the point where he loses it:
It's a fictional idea designed to give the illusion that BCH is actually experiencing any sort of meaningful uptick in merchant adoption. In reality, no one cares (certainly not the technologically illiterate people of northern QLD), and the whole effort is just so this wanker has some flashy looking bullshit to post about on reddit. Bcash, you absolute fucking morons. If you were evil, that would be one thing, but you're just embarrassingly stupid.
Finally, a full-on triggered troll - priceless:
AAAHAHAHAHA! Spotted! "This group". You mean you and your "can I speak to the manageas a mother", trash heap of a wife (I've giving you the benefit of the doubt that that's not your sister, please accept my apologies if I'm wrong). The same bcash loser trying to pull off the lamest fucking astroturf/shill tactics. You attempt is embarrassingly obvious. From the beginning of this bcash joke, you've been perhaps the strongest indication that your side was the one full of nutcase idiots without any basis in reality (or self awareness). That you'd even try to pass off the idea that there exists any sort technologically savvy, grass roots movement in NORTHERN FUCKING QUEENSLAND, is the absolute height of hilarity. Australian techies are just... the best entertainment. Go back to your IT job replacing cum-filled keyboards at your local university, and stop pretending the money you made from bitcoin was anything other than dumb luck.
Bitcoin Cash - Succeeding in merchant adoption and incensing core trolls
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These are today's headlines. All links are found here:
Bitcoin Mining on Track to Consume All of the World’s Energy by 2020( | If we continue to grow energy demand at current rates, in 15,000 years we'll require the same energy that the sun puts out each year
‘Tsunami of data’ could consume one fifth of global electricity by 2025 - Billions of internet-connected devices could produce 3.5% of global emissions within 10 years and 14% by 2040. ( | By 2025 cars will be responsible for 1.5 gigabytes of data per second
Promising to ‘Make Our Planet Great Again,’ Macron lures 13 U.S. climate scientists to France ( | France was the #1 cheerleader of humanitarian bombing of Libya to maintain the Euro and American dollar hegemony
Climate Change Could Take the Air Out of Wind Farms ( | Wind turbines also shut down when it's too windy, so just imagine all those what will happen to all those offshore wind farms when in the new era of superstorms
Thomas fire creating its own weather, expert says (Los Angeles Daily News) | Shitnado
Bakers, farmers struggle to make any dough on poor wheat crop (Reuters) | For shit headline hides shitty bagel crisis - protein deficient wheat.
Dying Ecosystems (Counterpunch)
To Eliminate Fruit Flies, California Farmers Eye Controversial Genetic Tool MIT | When words fail me, you know it's fucked up
U.S. Agricultural Commodity Overproduction Helps Agribusinesses but Hurts World’s Developing World Farmers and the Environment. Is it Even Legal? (Big Picture Agriculture) | When it comes to big bucks big ag doesn't give a fuck
Air pollution fine particles linked to poor sperm quality, says study ( | That's why I don't breathe
Canada is still a rogue state on climate change - Behind the Numbers ( | Canadian and US govs are evil, Canucks and Yanks are not
Using Microsimulation to Estimate the Future Health and Economic Costs of Salmonellosis under Climate Change in Central Queensland, Australia ( | Nothing fishy about that headline
The Dirty Secret of the Global Plan to Avert Climate Disaster ( | BECCS requires land the size of India, yet Sciam says soil degradation rates means human agriculture will end in 50 years. To power 30% of the world with algae ponds requires enough land the size of Argentina. We lost 75 million acres in forest just last year. This is all faerie dust, or the sciency version of cocaine addiction
Industry’s policy on new Indian pollution curbs: ignore them (Asia Times)
Global Conflicts to Watch in 2018 (Atlantic) | Warfare = Corporate welfare queens
You can see talks from the American Geophysical Union meeting this week via live streaming video (free, but registration required) ( | Paul Beckwith will be reporting from Geek heaven on YouTube
2017 Hurricanes and Aerosols Simulation ( | A super excellent video showing how African dust gets washed out of the air by climate change. This has profound ecological implications for the Amazon.
Trump cedes green energy jobs and leadership to China ( | China, our new beacon of hope. 80% of all the solar panels in the world are made in Asia. They are shipped worldwide in cargo ships exempt from emissions controls. China is building the world's biggest rail, pipeline and road network in history. They build enough roads to cross the US twice each year. They pour more cement in 3 years than the US ever has in its history. This kinda bullshit makes me sick.
Shareholders have turned up the heat on the world's 100 biggest polluting companies including Australian firms BHP Billiton, Wesfarmers and Rio Tinto, in the first coordinated global effort by investors to force corporate action on climate change. ( | Wait til they find out corporations don't give a fuck about shareholders
Dead coal mines everywhere are being reincarnated as solar farms( | The liberal zen buddhist green energy wet dream, everlasting life
Climate Change Has Come for Los Angeles ( | Skips over the great unwashed redneck states that urban hipster liberals love to hate
With Climate Change, Tree Die-Offs May Spread in the West ( | Those dead trees are then shipped to Europe as wood pellets where they burn them for "renewable" electricity
The Trump administration is preparing to unveil as soon as this week an expansive offshore oil plan that would open the door to selling new drilling rights in Atlantic waters ( | What about Mars?
Wet wipes make up 93% of matter causing UK sewer blockages: ( | I worked as a maintenance guy in a trailer park, hence my bullshit qualifications. Here's a special link to a trailer park manager's "shiticisms".
US flood risk 'severely underestimated' (
New Satellite-Based Global Drought Severity Index Unveiled by Researchers (Science Daily) | Merry Xmas
Hotter world than predicted may be here by 2100 (Climate News) | I would say by spring
How Fed Rate Hikes Impact US Debt Slaves (WolfStreet)
Oil Producers Turning to Crypto to Solve Sanctions Problems (Luongo) | Peak BitCoin
Sweden: More Signs The World’s Biggest Housing Bubble Is Cracking (ZH)
Trump Tells NASA to Send Americans to the Moon (AFP) | That's a lot of moon flights
Large-scale, long-term alternative to batteries (Quartz) | Who needs LSD when there's shit like this?
France to impose total ban on mobile phones in schools (Telegraph) | The real apocalypse (the one you actually care about) is coming here soon
A quarter trillion dollars is at risk when bitcoin crashes — and that’s just for starters (Axios)
Peak Bitcoin Media-Mania Yet? (Wolf Ricther) | If the media likes it, it's poison
Taxes on Meat Could Join Carbon and Sugar to Help Limit Emissions (Bloomberg) | That only leaves one-third of our diet tax free, salt.
HSBC draws line under Mexican cartel case after five-years on probation (Reuters) | Another shit headline to mask massive drug laundering. The Brits and Yanks are the number money lauderers in the world
Figures show children worst hit by library cuts (Guardian) | If we are going to destroy their planet, what's the big deal about a library?
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PORT DOUGLAS, QLD  Australian family vlog North Queensland's Bitcoin Cash City [reupload] Travel to Australia by bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Road Trip in Queensland Australia How to Travel Queensland Australia on Bitcoin - Vlog Part 1

Bitcoin partner you can trust. As one of Australia’s first Bitcoin exchanges, we’ve helped Australians buy Bitcoin since 2014. Our Melbourne-based team are passionate about crypto, and we’ve expanded to, and more. Queensland, Australia is giving away millions with its Ignite Ideas fund. This week, it posted details regarding the AUD$8.3 million grant ($6.1 million USD). Something like 70 regional companies shared the bounty, including a cryptocurrency startup, Travelbybit, which managed to snag AUD$100,000 on its way to promoting tourism using crypto. Bitcoin ATM (abbreviated as BATM) is a kiosk that allows a person to buy Bitcoin using an automatic teller machine. Some Bitcoin ATMs offer bi-directional functionality enabling both the purchase of Bitcoin as well as the sale of Bitcoin for cash. Bitcoin machines are not exactly the same as traditional ATMs but work in a similar fashion. Bitcoin Dealers have secure, conveniently situated exchanges established in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide business hubs, which is perfect if you want to buy and sell cryptocurrency for fiat in Australia, including Bitcoins.You don’t have to run the risk of a large online financial transaction over your home PC which could see your cash disappear into the air when crypto trading in Australia ... A couple whose dream Bitcoin investment turned into a nightmare say they have lost almost everything, as the ACCC notes cryptocurrency investment scams are on the rise.

[index] [14797] [45599] [14706] [31080] [43121] [47522] [3923] [7773] [51040] [3086]

PORT DOUGLAS, QLD Australian family vlog

03 - 10 July 2019 My first ever road trip to experience Bitcoin Cash adoption on the ground. Route: Gold Coast - Brisbane - Sunshine Coast - Rockhampton - Mackay - Airlie Beach - Townsville - Cairns. So for those of you who have been following my channel you know i started a bitcoin atm machine business and i was documenting my journey here is the update that I have had so far. My #1 Recommendation To Earning Income Online CLICK HERE ️ ️ ️ 👇 SUBSCRIBE TO TYLER'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👇 ... Sign up to Swagbucks and earn $100s a year by browsing the web as normal and shopping online. You can also watch videos and take surveys. Click this link for... How to Travel Queensland Australia on Bitcoin - Vlog Part 1 - Duration: 6:57. The Crypto Lark 3,869 views. 6:57. Living on bitcoin in Tokyo. ... Bitcoin Australia 33,163 views. 1:30. Where To ...