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jurov: "Also, programmers can also ... Why not Bitcoin?" ahahaha never made the connection before. ben_vulpes: wow that's quite a wall of text. jurov: "...consider that Bitcoin has died 71 times, and therefore is continuously reborn in the psychic reality of the public." jurov: dunno why I find it so funny ☟︎. assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 49750 @ 0.00037124 = 18.4692 BTC [-] jurov: maybe I ... jurov/wot: #bitcoin-assets WoT utils: JavaScript: 1: bmeyers22/liquid-fire-example: A liquid fire example, with a step by step walk through of creating an animation. Java : 1: boy0001/IslandPlots: IslandCraft hook for PlotSquared: Rust: 1: crumblingstatue/nxfuse: Expose NX data as a FUSE file system: C: 1: mgarcia01752/YANJA: YANJA Yet Another NetSnmp Java Api: CSS: 1: jmowbray/rdio-remote ... jurov: cut -d ' ' -f 3- bitcoin-0.5.3-no-crud.sha256.manifest does : mircea_popescu!down WhiteCrane &ast; assbot removes voice from WhiteCrane : asciilifeform : mircea_popescu: incidentally, that was 'meow mix' asciilifeform: kakobrekla: host ban? mircea_popescu: remarkable, the guy's patience. mircea_popescu: anyway, why bother with a ban ? let him be ground into either a shape or nothingness ... Bitcoin mining profitability calculator jednoduchy Bitcoin mining profitability calculator Miner housing Miner Housing (Levice), ubytko pre AntMinery Cloud mining Scam Adviser - hodnotenie doveryhodnosti webov BITMAIN HashNest (overene mmad) CEX.IO (overene mmad, bitcointalk) NiceHash - kupa, prenajom vykonu (vyzera byt legit) Genesis Mining mining HW - vyrobcovia BitMain HW (AntMiner) mining ... jurov: gets sloshed together in a reused address <<FALSE. jurov: just try it yourself, again. BingoBoingo: Oh, the local hospital's discharge papers now have all of the lab values. jurov: and analyze the resulting tx. assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20320 @ 0.00085981 = 17.4713 BTC [+] {2} bitcoinpete: jurov dignork i think reusing does work, let's look at this address, which may or may not be mp's ...

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