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↑ The Twilight of Irredeemable Debt, Antal E. Fekete ↑ As another example of such advocacy groups, see Italic textiblebelievers.org.au/monie.htm this entry from the "Bible Believers" website ↑ See also Antal E. Fekete, G. Edward Griffin and Ludwig von Mises ↑ Bitcoin ↑ 10.0 10.1 Brown, Ellen H. (2007). Web of Debt. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Third Millennium Press. ISBN 0979560802. http « World Bank Karen Hudes & Professor Antal Fekete. Gold Bitcoin Currency Money World Bank Karen Hudes » World Bank Karen Hudes Reveals Secret US Constitution World Bank Whistle blower Karen Hudes joins Gary Franchi in studio to reveal the truth about the secret US Constitution introduced in 1871. World Banker Karen Hudes Reveals Secret US Constitution. Published on Apr 1, 2014. Download your ... More Defense of Mises From Antal Fekete. Quantity Theory of Money and 100% Gold Standard. How to remove pictures from epub files in Windows. Calling All Catholics. Bob Dylan's Gates of Eden. Fixing PGN Files for Chess Hero. About. What is Thymology? Start here. About. One thing the bitcoin enthusiasts have forgotten about is Gresham’s Law. For those who need reminding, it basically states ... If you later learn that bitcoin is an good monetary system on par with precious metals, you will see the potential damage a post like yours could cause to the adoption of bitcoin. Please spend some time in the bitcoin wiki, forums, and #bitcoin-discussion and #bitcoin-dev channels on freenode and learn. March 29, 2011 at 12:26 PM Antal Fekete's idea that China hasn't had silver exports since 1950 is out of touch with facts. Where he stated--- Where he stated--- "Nobody knows how much silver the Chinese Communists found in bank vaults and in the safe deposit boxes of Chinese merchants who fled the country, when they took over the mainland.

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