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GAWMiner's misdirection re: The Hashlet - Do not support this company!

“Hashlet will finally show the world what a bitcoin miner can be capable of,” added Garza. “As impressive as The Hashlet is now, this is only the beginning.”
Except that the "hashlet" is really just a slice of their Scrypt mining farm. They aren't mining Bitcoin, they are paying out in Bitcoin. What they aren't telling people, either in their advertising or in interviews, is that they're actually mining Scrypt coins and dumping them for Bitcoin.
From this article: http://newsbtc.com/2014/08/27/gaw-miners-sells-millions-dollars-worth-hashlet-miners-week/
" Hashlet is also the fastest-selling bitcoin miner of all time, likely due to it’s appeal to mainstream audiences rather than exclusively to the small group of tech guru first adopters normally involved with cryptocurrency. Though they too have adopted the product with open arms, according to the company."
I am extremely irritated by the fact that they have chosen to market the Hashlet as a Bitcoin miner. They are behaving with COMPLETE disregard for the health of Litecoin or any other alt that they are profiteering from. They have created a nifty little 3D render of a product that doesn't exist and are selling a share of a mining operation that is negatively impacting Litecoin's market and my belief is, they've been doing this since June.
Please, folks...DO NOT support GAWMiner with your business.
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