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Bitcoin Security and Recent Thefts and the NSA

There is a failure of security on the internet.
Today there were 2 stories of the theft of bitcoins
  2. Ottawa bitcoin exchange defrauded of $100,000 in 'ridiculous' heist
Not to mention the on going Gox fiasco and the dozens of high profile thefts that have occurred in the last year plus numerous smaller thefts many of which probably never come to light.
I don't believe that bitcoin is inherently insecure. Nor do I believe that the possession of bitcoin should be beyond the reach of the average individual.
I do, however, believe that the price of bitcoin and the irrevocability of transactions have made bitcoin a high profile target.
Previously systems have remained unexploited and clean from botnets, viruses, etc., not because of exceptional security, but because there simply was nothing worth stealing.
Now there is.
Bruce Schneier has recently called for the restructuring of the NSA..
Specifically, from the Snowden revelations, it has come to light that the NSA is actively undermining the security of the internet.
I believe the NSA working to undermine security is the wrong approach.
Schneier states:
Much of the current debate in the U.S. is over what the NSA should be allowed to do, and whether limiting the NSA somehow empowers other governments. That's the wrong debate. We don't get to choose between a world where the NSA spies and one where the Chinese spy. Our choice is between a world where our information infrastructure is vulnerable to all attackers or secure for all users.
We all should encourage our representatives to press for the changes Schneier recommends.
If the NSA were actively working to enhance security on the internet all of our coins would be safer.
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