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Where to buy Block Erupters in Canada?

Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy 3 block erupters shipped to Canada. I've checked the following places but they have high shipping rates, but good base prices:
So does Reddit know of any other places to buy block erupters from that will ship to Canada for less than BTC Guild or Jone's Gear is asking for? Or do I just pick the cheapest out of these three?
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[WTS] 23.5 GH Mining Rig

At the moment I'm fielding offers for the entire mining rig.
I will not be parting this out and will be selling at as one entire unit. I will pay for shipping. US only.
Current setup allows for 12 in each internal USB hub, 5 in each 7 port hub a max recommended of 9 for the two 10 port hubs. You can try pushing it with 1 more in each of the 13 porters and 1 more in each of the 7 port hubs but it isn't recommended. Based on that, there is room for 4 more usb miners recommended setup, and 8 if you want to push it.
Please post an offer below. Going by current prices I'm looking for 8+ BTC. (Miners and Jalapeno alone at current prices around 7.8 BTC, .1 BTC per USB Miner and about 3 BTC (per ebay) for the Jalapeno) I know I won't be getting back what I paid for, but these are quality hubs and power supplies.
I've also put this on Ebay, but I would prefer to sell it for Bitcoin.
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BITCOIN IS GOING TO #20,000!!! BITCOIN PRICE ACTION ... RaceRoom - RRL - WTCR Round 5 - Ningbo Pre-election BITCOIN price predictions? - YouTube BITCOIN: Il PEGGIO deve ancora arrivare?  Analisi di Mercato CAN BITCOIN PRICE BREAK TO $16,000? MUST WATCH BTC UPDATE ...

If the Bitcoin price in USD grows those rewars will be lowered and vice versa if the Bitcoin price in USD is lower. Beside this, on every roll you’ll earn 2 free lottery tickets with big prizes. The second page it’s called Multiply BTC. Here, if you’re a gambling person you have the perfect gambling system with the bitcoins you earned till now so you won’t lose your poket money. I won ... Posted in r/Bitcoin by u/WTCR2011 • 2 points and 1 comment Hello guys! As you can see bitcoin is repeating itself perfectly and it's consolidating in 3200-4500 range exactly like in 6000-6800 range. This never ending boring sideways action clearly signalling upcoming violent move (sooner or later). I am almost sure that capitulation is NOT behind us but before us and it's closer and closer. IMHO bottom can be anywhere between 3K - 800 USD/BTC. Welcome to WTCR - Winnipeg Technology and Computer Renewal. Learn about our company and services. You are here. Home -> News Archive Choose a topic: Press Archive. Boxing Weekend Blowout on Tubes and T1s! December 24, 2014, 3:22 pm. Bitcoin Friday 2014! November 28, 2014, 2:51 pm. ASICMiner X48 Prisma DIP Switch Settings. November 19, 2014, 6:31 pm. ASICMINER Prisma's In Stock! November 18 ... Please note that there is an additional 5% charge on Block Erupter Bitcoin mining ASICs that are purchased with a credit card or transfer to cover the transaction fees, fluctuations in Bitcoin price, and fraud risk. Are your Block Erupter Bitcoin ASICs in stock? Yes they are, generally. We normally keep a good stock of them but they sell very ...

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